Top 10 Beauty Secrets From Around The World

Women from all around the world have traditional beauty secrets and tricks that you can use in your beauty routine. Improve your beauty with tricks that have been used by thousands of women. Have you ever looked at women from a particular nation and wondered how they look so amazing? In this article you can learn the top ten beauty secrets from around the world and try them all.

1. Japan
The women of Japan add a few drops of Sake to their baths as a beauty treatment. Add 3 or 4 shot glasses of any Sake to a hot bath and relax in the bath for an hour. The Sake acts as an exfoliant and helps to get rid of age spots and other types of skin discoloration.

2. Greece
Greek women use rosemary water as a deep cleanse for their hair to get rid of product build-up. Boil a bunch of rosemary in a litre of water. Allow the water to cool and strain out the rosemary. Pour the cooled water over your hair to give it shine and bounce.

3. Israel
Women from Israel have used the mud from the Dead Sea in their beauty regimes for thousands of years. Women cover themselves in the mud and then go for a swim in the Dead Sea to rinse it off. They then scoop it up and fill jars with the mud to use at home as a face or body mask. You can now buy Dead Sea mud at beauty stores all over the world. Buy some and treat your body to a really luxurious mask.

4. China 
Chinese women use rice water to cleanse their faces. This can help prevent premature ageing and keeps your skin looking youthful. To make rice water you will need Chinese rice and bottled water. Soak the rice in the water for thirty minutes. Strain the rice and place the water in a clean bottle. Apply the water to your face with a wash cloth once a week.

5. Romania
olive oil 
Women in Romania use warm olive oil to keep their hands and nails healthy. Warm a small bowl of olive oil and add a few drops of vitamin A. Massage the oil all over your hands and pay particular attention to the areas surrounding your nails. Do this every two weeks for soft hands and healthy nails.

6. France 
French women have bathed in milk for hundreds of years. Add 2 or 3 cups of whole milk or cream to a warm bath. Relax in the bath for at least half an hour. You will step out of the bath with soft, silky skin. Have milk bath twice a week to keep your skin soft. If your skin is feeling very dry you can add 6 or 7 cups of milk for a really luxurious experience.

7. Australia 
tea tree
Australian women don’t give up their favourite shampoo for smelly, expensive anti-dandruff shampoos. They just add a few drops of tea tree oil to their favourite shampoo. Tea tree oil in your shampoo will add a lovely fresh sent and ensure that you will never have problems with dandruff again.

8. Scandinavia 
ice water 
Women in Scandinavia have used iced mineral water in their beauty regimes for hundreds of years. Iced mineral water is said to tone your skin, reduce puffiness around your eyes and give you a youthful complexion. Keep a spray bottle filled with mineral water in the fridge and spray it on your face for a quick facial.

9. Italy 
Italian women make a moisturising hair mask from egg whites that will leave your hair feeling soft and looking amazing. Whip two egg whites till they form a soft white mousse. Apply the mousse to wet hair and leave for ten minutes. Rinse off and shampoo as normal. This hair mask will keep your hair soft and shiny even in the driest of climates.

10. Singapore
coconut oil 
Women here have to battle humidity levels of around 90% year round. Humidity tends to result in frizzy so the women have come up with a solution. They coat the ends of their hair with coconut oil every night and leave it on overnight. Try a few drops on your hair in the evenings to ensure frizz free locks. Coconut oil can be used as a very intense moisture treatment when your hair is very dry. Massage three tablespoons of the oil though your hair and leave for thirty minutes. Rinse off and shampoo as normal. You can use this treatment once a week to keep your hair soft and frizz-free.
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