There Are Only 12 Master Penmen in the World...This Guy Is the Youngest

My grandmother has some of the most beautiful penmanship I have ever seen. Her handwritten letters are something that I’ve always cherished, especially now that our world is becoming increasingly overrun by technology. 

For centuries, the wealthy and educated were recognized by their ability to create gorgeous handwriting on paper.

If you’re looking for a girlfriend or THREE, this is the place to go...

Man cosies up to two of his lovers in bed
A CITY dubbed the Chinese ‘capital of sex’ is so overpopulated with women, most men have got THREE girlfriends.
Factories in Dongguan – which produce popular devices like iPhones and iPads – prefer offering jobs to women because they find men unreliable workers.
As a result, hordes of women have flocked to the city in south China’s Guangdong Province – with the relatively small number of men finding casual work and odd jobs.

‘Tiny alien’ found in Russia baffles scientists

The mysterious creature appears to have a head, eye sockets and mouth
SCIENTISTS are scratching their heads over a tiny alien-like corpse that’s been discovered in Russia.
The mysterious creature has whipped UFO hunters into a frenzy after it was found on the banks of a river near the town on Sosnovy Bor.
Scientists have admitted that if it is a corpse, it doesn’t belong to any known animal on this planet.
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